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Give your smile a little extra sparkle! 

ethosbrite gives you customised professional teeth whitening to take home - exclusive to members of the ethos family.

complete your smile with ethosbrite whitening treatment

ethosbrite is a take-home teeth whitening kit that gives you professional whitening results, while caring for your teeth as carefully as we have. It’s the perfect way to show off your new smile at its brightest.

Here’s how it works:

Book an appointment with one of our qualified oral health therapists to assess whether you’re a candidate to use ethosbrite.

We’ll make an impression of your teeth and within a week you’ll receive your kit with trays perfectly molded to your teeth. This ensures you get the maximum whitening benefit.

Use your kit for 15 minutes twice a day for up to two weeks. You can also use it for a 15 minute whitening boost when you want to look your best for a special occasion. 

The ethosbrite kit gives you professional results for $395, less than the price of office treatments.

To learn more about the kit, book an appointment via phone, use our SmileSeeker app, or ask our receptionist the next time you visit.

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Your dentist will be able to determine how well whitening will work for you. The results for whitening vary from person to person, depending on your existing tooth colour, lifestyle factors and oral hygiene.

Absolutely, ethos brite teeth whitening is perfectly safe. The structure of your teeth and gums remain the same, only the tooth colour is made lighter. Please note that treatments performed by non-dental professionals can be dangerous and the results are often substandard. Our qualified team will provide the best possible results, leaving you with a smile you can be proud of. 

Unfortunately, crowns and white fillings will not lighten during the whitening process. If desired, these can be replaced with a lighter shade to match your new, whiter smile.

There are a variety of factors that could lead to both internal and external tooth discolouration. While many of these factors are preventable, discolouration is a process that will naturally occur as you get older. 

  • Smoking - Smoking can lead to a number of health and dental problems, however the main problem linked with smoking is tooth discolouration. Smoking or even chewing tobacco will stain your teeth. 
  • Enamel thickness - The thickness or appearance of enamel can be affected by genetic or developmental conditions. It can also be washed away by acid erosion or worn away by grinding and clenching. The thinner the enamel, the darker your teeth will appear. 
  • Hygiene - Regular brushing and flossing is required to prevent stains or plaque build-up.
  • Food and drink - Your diet can have a huge effect on the colour of your teeth. Tea, coffee and wine can all stain your teeth, while eating particular fruits can also lead to discolouration. 
  • Disease/Sickness - If you were prescribed certain antibiotics or medications as a child or had an ongoing illness as a child, this may have caused tooth discolouration. 
  • Age - Discolouration is a process that will naturally occur when you get older as the dentine layer of your teeth gets darker. 

Tooth discolouration caused by smoking, dental hygiene and food and drink can be improved by a professional scale and clean. Tooth discolouration that has occurred with age can also be improved with teeth whitening. Discolouration caused by enamel thickness and disease/sickness often requires tailored and individual approach to either lighten or mask the damage. 

Some forms of staining are unpreventable; however there are simple steps that can be taken to limit any damage. If you are a smoker you are not only doing damage to your teeth but damage to your overall health and well-being. This should be all of the motivation you need to start cutting back or quit; this will help limit tooth discolouration.

Drinking a lot of coffee, tea and wine can also have an effect on your teeth’s appearance. Cutting back on all of these will help you protect the colour of your teeth, ensuring they stay whiter for longer. If you are unable to cut back or quit any of these, then regular brushing, flossing and professional cleaning with your hygienist will help prevent major staining and plaque build-up. Brushing and flossing daily is also essential to achieving a high level of dental hygiene and is a vital process in maintaining white, healthy teeth.

There are two potential side effects you need to be aware of before having your teeth whitened. The most common side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity, and this will last for about a day or two after your procedure. In most cases this is easily managed by taking some painkillers prior to your procedure and as directed for 24 hours after.

Gum irritation is another possible side effect, although this is very uncommon. In cases where this has occurred it is usually a slight discomfort for around 24-48 hours after the procedure and can be soothed with Vitamin E cream.

Results of your teeth whitening procedure will last for a number of years if you follow the professional care advice we give you after every treatment. If you are a regular smoker or drink a lot of tea, coffee, wine or soft drinks then the results will not last as long. If you don’t use your ethos brite whitening maintenance kit your results will also not last as long. It is recommended that you continue to visit your dentist or hygienist on a regular basis for a professional clean as this helps maintain white teeth for longer and remove any discolouration that builds up on the enamel of your teeth. Our Zoom whitening treatments only take 120 minutes, and will provide you with visible results for many years.

$395. This includes a whitening tray made just for you and perfectly molded to your teeth, giving you the maximum whitening benefit possible. It’s professional results, whenever and wherever you want them.